I've been using Notes for Gmail since it was in beta and testing. Love it! Very clean interface, useful and user friendly. It gets an A+ from me. Along with ActiveInbox it is a must have for my inbox. So grateful it's come to the Chrome webstore so it can be easily installed now. » 7/18/14 8:45am 7/18/14 8:45am

This is what I would enter, but I figured it would be here and I'd just add my thumbs up when I saw it. It's my go to cleaner for everything except glass. It does streak just a bit, so Windex is what I use for glass. But Simple Green is used in my kitchen, my bathrooms, for pet needs and even for cleaning at our… » 7/17/14 11:56am 7/17/14 11:56am

My husband and I married in a courthouse with my Mom and my brother present and witnesses from the courthouse. Whatever the blood tests and the marriage license cost is what it cost us to get married. I didn't make my parents go in debt, I didn't make my husband and I go in debt and I felt just as married and just as… » 5/27/14 8:31pm 5/27/14 8:31pm

My girls are grown now, but I remember the battle to breastfeed well. Latching, pain and milk production that allows your baby to thrive are hard work....just as you're trying to recover from giving birth and go without sleep for 5-6 weeks. It's a crap shoot whether or not it will actually work. » 4/25/14 1:21pm 4/25/14 1:21pm