Been back and forth and used them both. Will sometimes use Chrome for work and have FF open to go look at stuff while I'm supposed to be working. I like them both very much, but Chrome is the only browser that uses an extension basic to my work and personal organization, so I end up using it much more. » 2/13/15 9:39pm 2/13/15 9:39pm

Thanks for the article, Tara. Well timed and very nicely done. :) I got my flu shot for the first time this year. My arm was sore for 1 day and now I'm protected against the 4 most likely flus this year. No sickness, no after affects at all. Very grateful my doctor's office was doing it readily and for free. A sore… » 10/25/14 9:34pm 10/25/14 9:34pm

I've been using Notes for Gmail since it was in beta and testing. Love it! Very clean interface, useful and user friendly. It gets an A+ from me. Along with ActiveInbox it is a must have for my inbox. So grateful it's come to the Chrome webstore so it can be easily installed now. » 7/18/14 8:45am 7/18/14 8:45am

This is what I would enter, but I figured it would be here and I'd just add my thumbs up when I saw it. It's my go to cleaner for everything except glass. It does streak just a bit, so Windex is what I use for glass. But Simple Green is used in my kitchen, my bathrooms, for pet needs and even for cleaning at our… » 7/17/14 11:56am 7/17/14 11:56am

My husband and I married in a courthouse with my Mom and my brother present and witnesses from the courthouse. Whatever the blood tests and the marriage license cost is what it cost us to get married. I didn't make my parents go in debt, I didn't make my husband and I go in debt and I felt just as married and just as… » 5/27/14 8:31pm 5/27/14 8:31pm